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Finally, a discount card fundraiser for large AND small groups! Whether you have 1 or 100 people in your group you can utilize our program with no out-of-pocket money! Whether you need 50 cards or 5,000, it's up to you, and you make the same profit no matter how many you sell!

Our consignment based fundraiser program allows you to take cards with no money down and there is no minimum that you need to take! Then, you can return all unsold cards!!

How It Works

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Schools, Sports teams and Leagues, Religious organizations, Dance, Gymnastics, Cheer, Equestrian, Lions, Rotary, Art and Theater, Bands and orchestras, Youth Groups, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Relay for Life, and any group in need of funds can use our fundraising program!


Discount Card Fundraiser-
How it Works

Our Cards are printed and ready to go!

Our program is run in 4 easy steps!

1) View available cards on our website using the links to the right to decide which area(s) you would like to utilize.

2) Contact us and we will meet you at your time and place of convenience. We will analyze your group and together decide how many cards you should take. You may take cards at this point and there will be NO MONEY NEEDED from you! We will sign an agreement that promises that we get our cards back and the time frame needed.

3) Sell your cards! You sell them for $10.00 and keep $6.00 for every card you sell, for 60% profit.

4) When you are done, we will meet again. You may RETURN ALL UNSOLD CARDS! Keep your share and give our share only. You do not need to give us all the money and then wait for a check. You keep your money right away!

That's it!

To get started do one of the following:

A) Contact us by phone or form to ask questions or schedule a meeting.

B) Use the Pre-order form. If you already know which cards you would like and how many, you can fill out a pre-order form. We can get the cards ready for delivery and set a time to meet with you.