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Finally, a discount card fundraiser for large AND small groups! Whether you have 1 or 100 people in your group you can utilize our program with no out-of-pocket money! Whether you need 50 cards or 5,000, it's up to you, and you make the same profit no matter how many you sell!

Our consignment based fundraiser program allows you to take cards with no money down and there is no minimum that you need to take! Then, you can return all unsold cards!!

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Schools, Sports teams and Leagues, Religious organizations, Dance, Gymnastics, Cheer, Equestrian, Lions, Rotary, Art and Theater, Bands and orchestras, Youth Groups, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Relay for Life, and any group in need of funds can use our fundraising program!


About Michigan Fundraising Discount Cards

We have been around for over 27 years out of Port Huron Michigan! We started the original discount card from Port Huron Northern High School through the Athletic Boosters Club, had great success, and have since been in 41 states across the US!

Normally groups would put their name on the card, which meant they had to buy them because no other group could sell them with the name on the card. So usually groups would be required to purchase 500 to 1000 discount cards to make it worth while to print, and hope they sell them all. Great for large groups, but not so great for smaller groups.

So over the years we had smaller groups ask us how they could utilize the discount card fundraiser without the risk of ordering 500-1000 cards and not being able to sell them. Until now, it couldn't be done.

We have solved this common problem by printing "generic" cards designated to cities rather than particular groups. Port Huron, Sterling Heights, and Clinton Twp are examples of a "Generic" card, while Grand Blanc High School would be a "customized" card. See the difference? This means that ANYBODY can sell these "Generic" cards!!! No minimums, use multiple areas, and return unsold cards! It doesn't matter what your group does or how many people you have.

Truly a no risk program for small and large groups!