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Finally, a discount card fundraiser for large AND small groups! Whether you have 1 or 100 people in your group you can utilize our program with no out-of-pocket money! Whether you need 50 cards or 5,000, it's up to you, and you make the same profit no matter how many you sell!

Our consignment based fundraiser program allows you to take cards with no money down and there is no minimum that you need to take! Then, you can return all unsold cards!!

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Schools, Sports teams and Leagues, Religious organizations, Dance, Gymnastics, Cheer, Equestrian, Lions, Rotary, Art and Theater, Bands and orchestras, Youth Groups, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Relay for Life, and any group in need of funds can use our fundraising program!


New Cards Finished!

Discount Card Fundraiser!
Consignment based!

Discount Cards Macomb County

Our Discount Card program is Unique...

Does your group, club, or team need funds? Have you always wanted to do discount cards but could never buy the minimum of 500 upfront and hope you sell them all? Not very practical for most groups.

Every year we print discount cards for the various areas you can see to the right side of this webpage. They are printed and ready for you to sell! The difference with Michigan Fundraiser is that you can take these cards to sell on CONSIGNMENT! Meaning, we don't need any money from you until you are done selling....and.... you may return any unsold cards at NO COST! Just view the cards and tell us what you want! Now that's super easy and NO RISK!!

Oh, by the way, we are based in Port Huron, so the money stays in Michigan!

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Check Out Our Program Features!

A "NO MINIMUMS" policy
for number of cards ordered
Return ALL unsold cards from your program
at no cost to you!
A "NO MONEY DOWN" policy
when receiving cards
Up to 36 local merchants
on the discount card
One on one marketing help
and group analysis... in person
Order cards from different areas
to sell a mix of cards
A reorder of as little as
5 cards from any area
Cards already printed and ready to go
Get your cards within 24 hours

How it works